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dc.contributor.authorPrada Botia, Gaudy Carolina
dc.contributor.authorRojas Suárez, J P
dc.contributor.authorOrjuela Abril, Martha Sofia
dc.description.abstractTypically, the performance evaluation of thermoelectric devices is done using experimental methods and analytical models, which require detailed information on the thermoelectric properties of the materials that make up the thermoelectric devices. However, this type of information is generally not available. Due to this situation, the present investigation seeks to develop a numerical methodology to determine the performance of thermoelectric devices, using technical reference specifications that are normally provided by the manufacturer, such as maximum current, maximum voltage, maximum temperature difference, and efficiency. The numerical model is made up of a series of equations based on thermoelectric phenomena, which generates a contribution in the area of physics. The results obtained are validated through experimental comparisons and the technical data of the thermoelectric devices. The comparison between the different results shows a maximum error of 5%. Therefore, the developed methodology is considered a robust tool for the realistic analysis of the performance of thermoelectric generators and thermoelectric coolers. The foregoing will allow massive use of this type of device in industrial applications and its commercial accessibility.eng
dc.format.extent08 Páginasspa
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 2046, 5+1 International Meeting for Researchers in Materials and Plasma Technology (5+1 IMRMPT), 2 - 4 June 2021, Medellín, Colombia
dc.rightsPublished under licence by IOP Publishing Ltdeng
dc.titleDevelopment of a numerical methodology for evaluating physical properties and technical specifications in thermoelectric deviceseng
dc.typeArtículo de revistaspa
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dc.contributor.corporatenameJournal of Physics: Conference Seriesspa
dc.publisher.placeReino Unidospa
dc.relation.citationeditionVol. 2046 N0.012012 (2021)spa
dc.relation.citationissue012012 (2021)spa
dc.relation.citesG C Prada Botia et al 2021 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2046 012012
dc.relation.ispartofjournalJournal of Physics: Conference Seriesspa
dc.rights.creativecommonsAtribución 4.0 Internacional (CC BY 4.0)spa

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