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dc.description.abstractAbstract We will address the role that low carbon fuels (not strictly “carbon free” fuels, but those with low carbon intensity) can and should play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To some, it seems a foregone conclusion that the days of the internal combustion engine are nearing an end, and that the fastest path to “zero carbon emissions” is through adoption of electric vehicles. But bringing down fossil carbon emissions immediately can yield tremendous improvements with regard to the climate crisis, in contrast with waiting for electric vehicles to penetrate the market, and electricity production to be deeply de-carbonized. Widespread and immediate adoption of low carbon intensity renewable fuels can provide dramatic carbon intensity reductions, overnight, when used in the vehicles we drive today. But both the pursuit of electrification of the transportation sector and adoption of low carbon fuels runs into a major practical challenge – achieving major reductions in reducing fossil carbon emissions at scale. Replacing 20 million barrels a day of petroleum presents a daunting barrier to addressing the climate crisis. We will take a realistic look at these questions, and recommend a path forward that uses both strategies, based on life cycle analysis and experimental studies with engines and vehicles.eng
dc.description.tableofcontentsContenido Preface 8 General Committee 9 Academic Committee 10 Scientific Committee 11 Invited reviewers and subreviewers 13 English for Engineers Team 14 Design, Logistic and Assembly Congress Team 14 Key note speakers 15 ENERGY Reducing GHG Emissions via Low Carbon Fuels: Challenges and Opportunities 17 Comparison of the performance of hydrofoils used in vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbines (VAHT) using computational fluid dynamics 21 Computational fluid dynamics modelling of an oscillating water column air chamber Hydrodynamic characterization of turbomachines focused on pumps as turbines 36 Experimental characterization of hydrokinetic turbines 43 Design and implementation of an on-board laboratory for dual fuel strategies evaluation in real-driving conditions in Colombia 51 Implementation of a port-fuel injected dual fuel engine in a commercial vehicle and evaluation of diesel substitution for transient operation in Medellín-Colombia. Replication of results: CFD modeling and experimental validation of an alkaline water electrolysis cell for Hydrogen production 68 Numerical Analysis of Landfill Biodegradation 76 Kinetic model of anaerobic digestion based on the bioenergetics of microorganisms Improving the Stability of Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite by Propionic Acid Doping 92 Representative evaluation methodology of graphene transfer processes applied to inverted perovskite solar cell 99 Hybrid perovskite (Cs1-xDMA x) Pb(Br1-xI x)3 solar cells with improved stability 106 INFRASTRUCTURE Insights and research in materials used to decrease noise pollution: developments for Colombia 115 Hybrid dust of construction and demolition waste in the compressive strength of hydraulic concrete mixtures 122 Vulnerability assessment by geographic information systems in buildings of the historic center of Tunja 131 Analysis of the geographic coverage of urban green areas and its relationship with the socioeconomic conditions of the population in Tunja, Boyacá 139 Application of isothermal heat treatments in AISI A2 tool steel to improve life of cold working tools 146 Carbo-austempering of high silicon steels: an innovative alternative for surface heat treatment 154 Austenite formation in ductile iron alloyed with copper and nickel 161 Nanobainitic cast steels: Scientific advances for the industrial sector 169 Evaluation of the anticorrosive properties of a paint using Buddleja incana extract as a corrosion inhibitor 176 Analysis of mechanical energy transfer and dissipation in natural rubber – recycled EPDM compounds with potential use in piezoelectric tile contact surfaces 184 Evaluation of the erosion behavior of UNS C52400 bronze for potential application in 1 KW hydrokinetic turbine blades 191 Thermally sprayed hydroxyapatitebased coatings: advantages and challenges 198 Aglomeration of al2o3 nanometric and submicrometric particles by spray drying for their use as feedstock in thermal spraying coatings 207 Flame spraying as alternative for sintering spray dried AT-13 granules 215 Effect of the binder type on the yield of 3-YSZ nanoparticles pelletized to their use as feedstock in thermally sprayed coatings 223 Characterization of YSZ powders obtained by ball mill grinding with possible application for TBCs thermal barrier systems 230 Arc sprayed coatings on infrastructure elements to protect them from corrosion and abrasion 238 Axisymmetric modeling and CFD simulation of cold projection for ceramic particles of HAp (Hydroxyapatite) 247 Study of thermal spray parameters through numerical simulations for ceramic powders 255 Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite/ Polyester composite coatings by high velocity oxygen fuel spray (HVOF) 264 Improvement of the structural quality of nicrbsife coatings elaborated by oxyacetylene flame spraying from control of the main process parameters 269 Thermal projection by flame, as a way to obtain ceramic coatings resistant to wear at high temperatures 278 Assessment of delaminated areas in Thermal Barrier Coating subjected to Thermal Cycling by Infrared Thermography 286 VITAL ENGINEERING Variation of organic matter and aquatic macroinvertebrates associated with Eichhornia crassipes roots with flood pulse. 296 Capture of particulate matter of 1, 2.5 and 10 microns, with the use of microalgae in outdoor photobioreactors 304 Analysis of Eichhornia crassipes root-associated protists and their relationship to the flood pulse 311 Social and environmental contributions to floriculture in the hydrangea sector through a life cycle assessment approach 319 Car fleet growth model in Medellín city: Exploratory review of the implementation of public policies for the transportation demand management based on the restriction due to the use of plates and scrapping 325 Emissions of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gasses from mobile sources in three main streets of an intermediate city in colombia. 332 Comparison of extreme precipitation and temperature events between El Niño Southern Oscillation and neutral years in the Colombian Andes 340 Life cycle analysis of a perovskite photovoltaic mini-module developed in Colombia with a PIN meso-superstructured configuration 348 Mathematical model for the tactical planning of the supply chain of supplementary cementitious materials 355 A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Facility Location in Disaster Relief Operations Using Georeferenced Data 364 CATESID: Software for identifying alluvial gold mining areas, their characteristic coverages, and their multitemporal analysis 374 Customized Ti6Al4V implants by EBM: design, manufacturing and surface treatments 381 Numerical study of microwave hyperthermia for the treatment of breast cancer 389 Automated semantic annotator for information retrieval, based on biomedical ontologies 396 Biotribological behavior of Ti6Al4V alloy fabricated by EBM and subsequently anodized 404 Bioengineering of Structured Lipids Microencapsulated as an Alternative of Healthy Oil 411 Analysis of Sustainability of Nopol Catalytic Production Using NonWood Forestry Biomass 420 Transformation of monoterpenes through one-pot pathways over heterogeneous catalysts 428 4.0 TECHNOLOGY Q-means clustering coherent noise tolerance analysis 437 Towards Anomaly Classification on IIoT Edge Devices Using Statistical Variable Selection 444 Method for analyzing morphological traits of chrysanthemum cuttings based on computer vision 451 Image characterization of coral reefs using computer vision techniques and convolution neural networks (CNNs) 459 Effect of pressure and time on green compaction of UHMWPE powder by uniaxial pressure 467 Implementation of a graphene nanocompound to reduce energy consumption as measured with a current sensor using real-time data analysis through the internet 474 Graphene based Erbium doped fiber laser’s design guidelines for ultra short pulse generation 481 Evaluation of the application of suspensions of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with quaternized chitosan on maize seeds 488 Mechanical characterization of bioinspired composite materials produced via additive manufacturing 495 Design and Construction of a Low-Cost Test Bench for Thrust Vector Control Systems in Experimental Rockets 503 Prototype of a 3D indoor anemometer based on MEMS thermopile sensors 511 Design and improvement of a wireless energy harvesting rectenna operating at 2.4 GHz 519 Key enablers: measuring digital transformation in companies located in ocaña norte de santander 526 Selecting a Data Platform to Support the Development of Applications Oriented to Improve Citizen Security 533 Additive manufacturing: an opportunity for innovation and sustainability 541spa
dc.publisherFondo Editorial EIAspa
dc.titleEngineering for Transformationeng
dc.typeDocumento de Conferenciaspa
dcterms.audienceEstudiantes, Profesores, Comunidad científica colombiana,
dc.description.notesGeneral Committee Jesús Francisco Vargas Bonilla Dean, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Antioquia Tatiana Marcela Gómez Bustamante EXPOIngeniería Director Mauricio Andrés Correa-Ochoa CESET Director, Engineering Faculty, Universidad de Antioquia Juan Diego Velez DRAI Director, Engineering Faculty, Universidad de Antioquia Lyda Janeth Contreras Olivares Logistic, design and assembly Director, International Congress EXPOIngeniería 2022 Víctor Hugo Zapata Madrigal Representative of “Plaza Mayor” Juan Esteban Taborda Grisales Representative of “IMAGROUP” Víctor Manuel Gámez Fonseca Representative of “CPM Logística”spa
dc.description.notesContreras Olivares Logistic, design and assembly Director, International Congress EXPOIngeniería 2022 Víctor Hugo Zapata Madrigal Representative of “Plaza Mayor” Juan Esteban Taborda Grisales Representative of “IMAGROUP” Víctor Manuel Gámez Fonseca Representative of “CPM Logística” 10 Engineering for Transformation Academic Committee Sergio Cipriano Agudelo Vice-Dean, Engineering School, Universidad de Antioquia Mauricio Andrés Correa-Ochoa CESET Director Tatiana Marcela Gómez Bustamante EXPOIngeniería Director Ricardo Aristizábal-Sierra Sara Cristina Vieira Agudelo Research Director, Engineering School, Universidad de Antioquia Maryory Astrid Gómez “Facultad de Ingeniería UdeA” Journal, Director. Professor, Researcher Andrea Rodríguez Sánchez International Congress EXPOIngeniería 2022, Administrative support Lina Herrera Moncada Communicator International Congress EXPOEngineering Astrid Marcela Mira Hincapié Coordinator, Continuing Education and Events, Engineering Faculty, Universidad de Antioquiaspa
dc.description.notesScientific Committee Aida Luz Villa Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Ainhoa Rubio Clemente Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Ana María Cárdenas Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Ana María Pérez Ceballos Universidad Industrial de Santander Colombia Ángela Rendón Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Carlos Serna Giraldo Universidad UNIRB Brazil Carlos Alberto Palacio Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Carlos Rivero Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Celia Malfatti Universidad de Antioquia Brazil Claudia Patricia Serna Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Daniel Estiben Ramírez Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Danny Múnera Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Diana Catalina Rodríguez Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Edison Gustavo Cueva Universida de Brasília Brasil Edwin Chica Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Esperanza López Gómez Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Fernando Juan Beltran Universidad de Extremadura Spain Gianpaolo Vitale National Research Council of Italy Italy Henry Colorado Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Javier Rivero Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Jhon Fredy Vélez CARTIF Technological Center Spain John Ramiro Agudelo Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Juan Guillermo Villegas Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Juan Marcelo Rojas Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Juan Sebastián Botero Institución Universitaria ITM Colombia Juliana Uribe Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Lina Berrouet Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Luis Alejandro Fletscher Universidad de Antioquia Colombia María Esperanza López Universidad de Antioquia Colombia María Teresa Hernández Ministry for The Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge Spain Maryory Astrid Gómez Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Melissa Barrera Durango Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Nataly Carolina Rosero Institute of Ceramic and Glass Spain Néstor Aguirre Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Nuria Vela de Oro Universidad Católica de Murcia Spain Pablo Andrés Maya Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Rafael Orozco Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Raquel Lebrero Fernández University of Valladolid Spain Valeria Chávez Cerón UNAM Mexicospa
dc.description.notesInvited reviewers and subreviewers Sara Aguilar Universidad de Antioquia Claudia Aldana Universidad de Antioquia Luis Castaño-Londoño Institución Universitaria ITM Claudia Elena Echeverri Universidad EIA Carmiña Gartner Universidad de Antioquia Diego Hernán Giraldo Universidad de Antioquia Cristian Guarnizo-Lemus Institución Universitaria ITM Francisco López Institución Universitaria ITM David Márquez-Viloria Institución Universitaria ITM Luis Morantes-Guzmán Institución Universitaria ITM Juan Guillermo Muñoz Universidad Nacional Gustavo Patiño Universidad de Antioquia Edward Restrepo Universidad de Antioquia Erick Reyes Institución Universitaria ITM Oscar Ríos-Diez Universidad de Antioquia Daniel Tobón Universidad de Antioquia Juliana Valencia-Aguirre Institución Universitaria ITM Fabio Vargas Universidad de Antioquia Juan Camilo Villegas Universidad de Antioquia Juan Felipe Montoya Arango Universidad de Antioquia Franky Bedoya EPFL, Suiza Claudia Patricia Ossa Orozco Universidad de Antioquia Jonathan Gallego Universidad de Antioquia Fabián Castaño Universidad de Antioquia Ana María Torres López Universidad de Antioquia Isabel Cristina Muñoz Ortega Universidad de Antioquiaspa
dc.contributor.corporatenameUniversidad de Antioquiaspa
dc.contributor.corporatenameColecciòn EUREKAspa
dc.contributor.corporatenameFONDO EDITORIAL EIAspa
dc.contributor.corporatenameGobernaciòn de Antioquiaspa
dc.publisher.placeMedellìn Antioquìaspa
dc.relation.conferencedate27-28-29 Octubre de 2022spa
dc.relation.conferenceplaceMedellìn Antioquìaspa
dc.relation.ispartofconferenceExpo Ingenieriaspa
dc.rights.creativecommonsAtribución-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC 4.0)spa
dc.subject.lemb4.0 TECHNOLOGY
dc.subject.lembVITAL ENGINEERING

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