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    • Curricula framework for a digital transformation master’s in science and engineering 

      Vera Contreras, Milton Jesús; Vera-Rivera, F. H.; Puerto Cuadros, Eduard Gilberto (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesReino Unido, 2021-06-09)
      Digital transformation is an interdisciplinary work that has the objective to analyze data in real-time for better decision making, where it involves the modeling and the simulation of physical-mathematical and social ...
    • Modeling and simulation of an improvement proposal through the method mechanized transplanting 

      Orjuela Abril, Martha Sofia ; Trujillo, luis eduardo; Pabón León, Jhon Antuny (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesReino Unido, 2021-06-09)
      Rice agriculture in Colombia has high costs and low profitability, compared to rice agriculture in leading countries that are supported in different ways by their governments worldwide. Part of these high costs is due ...