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    • Effort and safety factor in the unions of wooden structures used as carbon mine sustainability, mine case Baseli, Colombia 

      Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto; Villamizar Osorio, Indira; Castro Duque, Yesid (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-08-30)
      The research has been dedicated to the study of the calculation of the stresses and design conditions given by the safety factor of operation of the structural members of the mines that use wood as their main support ...
    • Heat transfer generated in an underground mining environment 

      Castro Duque, Yesid; GOMEZ HERNANDEZ, JOSE LUIS ; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-10-18)
      The article presents the results of the heat transfer analysis that is generated in an underground environment, specifically in coal mines. The objective is to observe the variability of the results, comparing mines with ...