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    • CFD simulation of HPAM EOR solutions mechanical degradation by restrictions in turbulent flow 

      Herrera Quintero, Julia Jineth ; Prada, Luis; Maya, Gustavo; VERGEL, JOSE; Castro Garcia, Ruben Hernan; QUINTERO, HENDERSON; Jiménez, Robinson; Pérez, Eduar (CT&F - Ciencia, Tecnología y FuturoColombia, 2020-12-17)
      Polymer flooding is a widely used enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology. The purpose of the polymer is to increase water viscosity to improve reservoir sweep efficiency. However, mechanical elements of the polymer injection ...
    • Experimental evaluation of the mechanical degradation of HPAM polymeric solutions used in enhanced oil recovery 

      Maya, Gustavo; Herrera Quintero, Julia Jineth ; Castro Garcia, Ruben Hernan; QUINTERO, HENDERSON; Prada, Luis; Maldonado Manrique, Laura Yedxenia; Pérez, Eduar ; Barbosa Trillos, Dalje Sunith (CT&F - Ciencia, Tecnología & FuturoColombia, 2020-12-17)
      With the design of experiments (DoE), this study analyses the influence of physical (capillary diameter and pressure drop) and chemical variables (salinity, polymer concentration, and molecular weight) on the mechanical ...