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    • Developing a Ceramic Construction Product under Bioclimatic and Sustainable Architecture Principles 

      Sanchez Molina, Jorge; Sánchez Zúñiga, Jessica Viviana; Diaz Fuentes, Carmen Xiomara (Ciencia e Ingeniería NeogranadinaBogota , Colombia, 2020-12-09)
      The role of facades is fundamental to determine the energy performance of a building. According to the properties of construction elements, the heat transfer towards the interior can be strategically controlled to avoid ...
    • Five Steps for Process Development under the Energy Sustainability Criteria 

      Valencia, Guillermo E.; Salcedo, Milton F.; Rojas Suárez, Jhan Piero (Chemical Engineering TransactionsRoma , Italia, 2018-09-01)
      Considering that sustainability criteria play a fundamental role in the control and efficient operation of production processes, this article presents five fundamental steps based on the benefits of an Integrated Energy ...
    • Sustainability under research in green energy: A bibliometric study 

      Coba Salcedo, Milton Fabian; Valencia Ochoa, Guillermo Eliecer; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto (International Journal of ChemTech ResearchIndia, 2018)
      The reduction of the amount of pollution and toxicity by the manufacture of products has been a topic widely investigated by many international organizations, looking for an answer that help humanity to minimize the ...