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    • Delay spread estimation using a game engine ray based model in indoor scenario at 5 GHz 

      Navarro, Andrés; Guevara, Dinael; Escalante, Diego; Vargas, José; Gómez, Jorge; Cardona, Narcis; Gimenez, Jordi (ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied SciencesInglaterra, 2016-03)
      In this paper we show the results of a simulation of channel parameters using a Game Engine Ray based tool, developed by our group, which has been evolving during last few years. We show simulation results and compare it ...
    • GPU acceleration and game engines for wireless channel estimation in millimeter waves 

      Gomez Rojas, Jorge; Navarro, Andres; Guevara_Ibarra, Dinael; Pascual-Garcia, Juan (ElectronicsSuiza, 2019-10-05)
      In this article, the intended purpose is to show an innovative technique for estimating the MIMO channel at millimeter wave bands, candidates for mobile 5G technology, by using hardware acceleration, game engines and ...
    • Indoor propagation using a game engine ray-based model in indoor scenario at 5.4GHz 

      Gomez Rojas, Jorge; Navarro C., Andres; Guevara_Ibarra, Dinael; Parada, Diego A.; Vargas, Jose O.; Gimenez Gandia, Jordi Joan; Cardona, Narcis (IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersChina, 2016-07-07)
      The results of a simulation of signal propagation strength in indoor environment using a game engine ray-based tool and use of an open source 3D modeling tool for scenario building are presented in this paper, showing ...