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    • Anticorrosive evaluation of copper-iron mixtures processed by powder metallurgy 

      Bautista-Ruiz, Jorge; Operador, W; Caicedo, J (Rasayan Journal of ChemistryIndia, 2021)
      Through the powder metallurgy process, copper and iron powders were mixed in the proportions Cu between 15% to 75% and iron from 25% to 85% that made up the binary material systems. Material systems were topographically ...
    • Design of a ball burnishing tool with interchangeable tip 

      Coba Salcedo, Milton Fabian; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto; Guerrero Gomez, Gustavo (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-09-18)
      The following work was carried out with the goal of studying the functionality of a previously realized design of an interchangeable indenter tool for the ball burnishing process in a numerical control milling machine ...
    • Experimental study of the effect of cutting processes on the roughness of ASTM A36 steel 

      Peralta Hernandez, Edwin; Sorzano Jimenez, Francisco; Coba Salcedo, Milton Fabian; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto; Valencia Ochoa, Guillermo (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-06-06)
      This article analyses the roughness of ASTM-A36 steel both in its delivery state and after various cutting processes. The material was cut with different methods conventionally used in the metal-mechanic and construction ...