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    • CFD: A New Challenge in Bioprocess Engineering 

      Niño, Lilibeth; Gelves, German; Peñuela, Mariana (International Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchIndia, 2018)
      Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful tool based on mathematical applications for modeling transient and spatial transport modes such as mass, momentum and heat transfer in multiphase fluids. Currently, CFD ...
    • Gas-Liquid Hydrodynamics Simulation using CFD in a Helical Ribbon Impeller Applied for Non-Newtonian Fluids 

      Niño, Lilibeth; Peñuela, Mariana; Gelves, German (International Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchIndia, 2018)
      In the present study Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to non-newtonian fluids was developed in order to characterize the gas-liquid mass transfer in a 10 L bioreactor equipped with a helical ribbon impeller. Gas-liquid ...