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    • Bibliometric science indicators applied to environmental impacts research 

      Peralta-Ruiz, Yeimmy; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto; Valencia Ochoa, Guillermo (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-08-01)
      The growth and development of research on environmental impacts in terms of publications such as the Web of Science sample are analyzed during the period 2007-2018 using HistCite to learn about a global ranking, citations, ...
    • Development of non-conservative mechanical models applied to the low energy impact phenomenon 

      Coba Salcedo, Milton Fabian; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto; Lopez Navas, Javier (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-07-18)
      Non-conservative mechanical models are developed to be applied to the low energy impact phenomenon. The analytical description of the proposed models is made and the numerical solution of the system of differential ...