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    • Experimental model of the fine honing 

      Coba Salcedo, Milton Fabian; Buj-Corral, Irene; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto (International Journal of ChemTech ResearchIndia, 2018)
      An experimental model of the honing process oriented towards the honing operation for very fine finished is development. A two-level design of experiments has been carried out with three factors and a replica. We chose ...
    • Probability parameters and estimated firestone abbott plateau honing curves 

      Coba Salcedo, Milton Fabian; Acevedo Peñaloza, Carlos Humberto; Valencia Ochoa, Guillermo (Contemporary Engineering SciencesBulgaria, 2018-09-12)
      This paper developed a methodology for estimating Abbott-Firestone curves from the roughness parameters of the material probability curves. The surface roughness profile obtained in plateau-honing processes is the ...