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    • Curricula framework for a digital transformation master’s in science and engineering 

      Vera Contreras, Milton Jesús; Vera-Rivera, F. H.; Puerto Cuadros, Eduard Gilberto (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesReino Unido, 2021-06-09)
      Digital transformation is an interdisciplinary work that has the objective to analyze data in real-time for better decision making, where it involves the modeling and the simulation of physical-mathematical and social ...
    • Predictive model of mass flows of gaseous emissions from beehive ovens 

      mendoza lizcano, sonia maritza; palacios alvarado, wlamyr; Medina Delgado, Byron (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesReino Unido, 2021-08-09)
      One of the techniques used in the industry for the control of variables is, from their magnitudes, such as fuel flow, air volume, amount of material mass, among others. The ceramic industry needs to measure and control ...