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    • Effect of uterine size on fertility of lactating dairy cows 

      Baez, Giovanni; Barletta, Rafael Villela; Guenther, Jerry N.; Wiltbank, Milo Charles (TheriogenologyEstados Unidos, 2016-05)
      There are multiple reasons for reduced fertility in lactating dairy cows. We hypothesized that one cause of reduced fertility could be the overall size of the reproductive tract, particularly the uterus, given well-established ...
    • Pivotal periods for pregnancy loss during the first trimester of gestation in lactating dairy cows 

      Wiltbank, Milo Charles; Baez, Giovanni; Garcia Guerra, Alvaro; Toledo, Mateus Zucato; Monteiro, Pedro Leopoldo J.; Melo, Leonardo F; Ochoa, Julian C.; Santos, José Eduardo; Sartori, Roberto (TheriogenologyEstados Unidos, 2016-04-22)
      Loss of pregnancy can occur at many different stages of gestation and for a variety of causes but clearly produces a negative impact for reproductive and economic performances of dairy herds. This review describes four ...
    • Proposal of a new model for CL regression or maintenance during pregnancy on the basis of timing of regression of contralateral, accessory CL in pregnant cows 

      Baez, Giovanni; Trevisol, Eduardo; Barletta, Rafael Villela; Cardoso, Beatriz Oliveira; RICCI, ALESSANDRO; Guenther, Jerry N.; Cummings, Nicole E.; Wiltbank, Milo Charles (TheriogenologyEstados Unidos, 2017-02)
      In bovine pregnancy, regression or maintenance of the corpus luteum (CL) is mediated through local communication pathways between embryo, uterus, and ovary with Days 16 to 25 of pregnancy generally recognized as the pivotal ...