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    • Design and manufacture of the cooling system of JUPITER reactor 

      Hector Jaime, Dulce-Moreno; Gélvez Arocha, O A; Dugar-Zhabo, V D; Rodríguez-Villamiza, C D; V-Niño, E D (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesBogota , Colombia, 2019-02-25)
      The experimental investigations carried out in the Plasma laboratory of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, on superficial modification of metallic materials by hybrid discharges of high-voltage and electric arc at ...
    • ForistomApp a Web application for scientific and technological information management of Forsitom foundation 

      Hector Jaime, Dulce-Moreno; Saavedra-Duarte, L A; Angarita-Jerardino, A; Ruiz, P A; Vera-Rivera, F. H.; V-Niño, E D (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesBogota , Colombia, 2017-12-29)
      Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are essential in the transfer of knowledge, and the Web tools, as part of ICT, are important for institutions seeking greater visibility of the products developed by their ...
    • International meeting on applied sciences and engineering 

      Vera-Rivera, F. H.; CORDERO DIAZ, MARLING CAROLINA; V-Niño, E D (Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesReino Unido, 2018-12-07)
      The goal aim objective of the 4th International Meeting on Applied Sciences and Engineering (EISI), is to promote a space for the exchange of knowledge between the academy and the industrial sector of the department of ...